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Phone:  520-505-TECH (8324)
E-mail:  help@onsitecomputergeek.com

You want help with your computer or other tech stuff.
You don't want to have to cancel your health insurance plan to pay for it.

Then you've come to the right place.  Whether you live in Green Valley, Arizona (where the Geek is based), Alabama (where the Geek has a partnership), or anywhere else in the world, the geek is here to help.  From virus cleaning & junk e-mail management to networking, troubleshooting & much more, the geek's got you covered.

On Site Computer Geek services Green Valley, Sahuarita, Tuscon and some surrounding areas.  Please call for an appointment or fill out the form here.

On Site Computer Geek has partnered with a computer technician in Gadsden, Alabama.  If you're reasonably close to Gadsden, the geek can arrange for an on site visit to your home or business.  You may also drop off your computer by appointment only.  For details on pricing and services, and/or to request that a geek visit you in person, click here or call 205-266-4624.

Don't feel left out!  Chances are, the geek can help you - no matter where you live!  With special software (and your permission, of course), your computer can be accessed remotely across the internet...for training purposes, to block pop-ups, fix problems, or do just about anything - even clean out viruses & other spyware, adware, malware & the rest of the junk the internet throws your way.  Even if you cannot access the internet, the geek has enough experience to assist you over the phone to resolve many issues.  For details about getting this type of service, click here or call the number below.

Phone:  520-505-TECH (8324)
E-mail:  help@onsitecomputergeek.com