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The owner and operator of On Site Computer Geek LLC is Kirt Beske, a technology professional with a technical diploma in Business Microcomputing.  His experience includes work for two large international organizations based in New York and Ohio where he served as an advanced level technician.

After starting his own computer service business for the first time in 2003, he successfully grew that business in Alabama for 7 years.  In 2010, he decided to move the business to Green Valley, Arizona.  This is where the business is based presently.

Kirt still actively serves many clients in Alabama via remote internet connection and also has an agreement with a computer service company there to help with issues that need in-person attention.

Kirt attends to the requests of his customers with a focus on integrity, thoroughness, and a personable manner.  99% of his customers are satisfied despite the fact the business does not take first place in his life.  Spirituality and family take precedence, so there are times when he is unavailable to his customers for last-minute jobs or when time-sensitive needs in those other areas arise.  Rather than a negative, this priority set reflects qualities desirable in a service professional.

Kirt is constantly learning about new technologies and adapting the business to meet the evolving needs of customers.

Above information updated 1/17/12